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Viblast cant seek encryped segments


We used to play hls vod videos.

Recently we noticed that the player gets stuck when trying to load the middle or end of the video. 

After being initialized, player downloads keys from the beginning sequentially and does not start downloading keys corresponding to seeked segments.

Here is example of this video.

Go to

Click the button "load playlist url viblast". After video starts playing, try to seek e.g. type in browser console:

video.currentTime = 2600


And video will be buffering forever or enough long time. We expected the player would start to play as soon as it loads first segment of this point and the key, but it does not happen.


Can you provide exact steps to reproduce the issue?

Attached is a screen recording with the provided test page and it seems to work as expected without issues.

The tests were performed with Chrome and Firefox.

(13.3 MB)

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I supposed in your case viblast downloaded all keys before you made seek, thats why its start immediately after seekHow fast performed your key requests?. Can you add throttle network in dev tools with latency 200 ms?

And disable cache in dev-tools


Thank you for the information. We were able to reproduce the issue.

The player implementation does not properly handle multiple keys in a long VOD playlist.

We plan to fix this with next release.

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can you suggest the new version release date?

If we buy your support would release become faster?

You can refer to our support plans:

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