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Cannot get MPD. Response code = 0

Hello - we are encountering this error on some computers.  Most computers play the DASH video just fine using the Viblast Player.  A few computers will report in the Chrome dev console the following messages:

Cannot get MPD. Response code = 0

Getting the manifest will be retried in 2 s.

And it repeats forever.  What is response code 0?  Seems like it should be an HTTP response code but that isn't a valid one.

The video it is trying to play is https://d2etf5kyncxl7k dot cloudfront dot net/vignettes/44C3CLF29T/mpeg-dash/playlist.mpd

(I replaced the . with "dot" in this post because I don't want search engines to pick that link up).


Seems like the browser itself can not perform the manifest HTTP request. Can you check if you have any plugins/extensions installed on those computers?

Also, can you try to play in incognito mode?  

Hello - it turns out it was a problem with CORS - the user had gone to the wrong web address (added a "www" when there shouldn't have been one).  We have a javascript mechanism for users to send us the console log from Chrome but unfortunately certain internal browser messages (like the CORS error) is not sent as part of that data.  We had to remotely log into that person's laptop and when we saw the CORS error we knew immediately what was going on.

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