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Falling back to mp4 stream?

Hello - currently my HTML looks like the following:

<video ...>

<source ...>    <-- this is the mpeg-dash source

<source ...>    <-- this is the hls source

<source ...>    <-- this is the mp4 source


My understanding is that it will prefer the mpeg-dash source, but if the underlying browser / platform does not support it then it will fallback to the hls source, and if again that is not supported, then it will fallback to the mp4 source.  Please correct me if I am wrong.

The issue I am finding here, after talking with Viblast people, is that Chrome will automatically pick up the mp4 source and display it before the Viblast player has a chance to take over and switch it to the mpeg-dash source.  This causes some weird momentarily flashing while this is going on.  The solution recommended was to remove the mp4 source.

Now my question is, if I remove the mp4 source, what is the proper way to fall back to mp4 if neither mpeg-dash or hls is supported by the browser?  Or am I thinking about this wrong?  Thanks for any feedback you can give me!

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