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IE 11 on Windows 10 MSE HLS Playback Problem


I am experiencing playback problems with the following stream in IE11.407.17134.0 on Windows 10:

When I attempt to play the above stream in the Video.js Viblast plugin OR in the Viblast Demo player at:

I get the following MSE error:

Cannot create MSE source buffer for codec=audio/mp4; codecs="mp3"

IE11 on Windows 10 is the only platform I'm currently seeing this error on.  This stream plays back in both the Viblast plugin and the demo player in Google Chrome, Firefox, and Edge with no problems.

If I force the Video.js tech to "viblastflash" I hear audio playback in the Viblast plugin, on IE11, but then the player breaks on any other browser that blocks Flash by default.

Any thoughts as to why this stream would playback with MSE in other browsers but not IE11 on Windows 10?

Thanks for your time!

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Hello Elijah,

Unfortunately, your stream contains MP3 encoded audio which is not properly supported by IE11/Win8-Win10.

IE11 supports HTML5/MSE, but for AAC streams.

If you are not able to re-encode it in AAC, you have to apply an app specific logic in order handle this case and when IE11/Win10 is detected to force "viblastflash" tech to be used, instead of "viblast" tech, which is the default.

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