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IE 11 HLS Playback in Windows 7 - Loads, Requests Chunks, No playback


We are currently seeing that on Windows 7 Internet Explorer 11, the flash fallback for Viblast successfully loads, we see chunk requests begin, but no video(or audio for the video) playback begins. We even see the first frame of playback, but nothing more. I was able to verify that an audio-only HLS source played back fine, but this video source is not.

I upgraded our Viblast version to 6.55 to see if any new updates to the flash fallback might address the issue, but it did not.

A test player can be found here:

It uses this stream:

I can verify that the stream resources are served with CORS headers as desired, and that playback works normally in non-IE 11 environments for Windows 7.

Is there some component to the video stream that is causing the flash fallback to stall, even though the player component is still requesting chunks successfully?


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Hello Robert,

The stream contains audio with MP3 codec, which was not supported by the Viblast Player flash fallback.

We released Viblast Player version 6.56 which introduce the MP3 audio support for flash.

We tested it with the given test stream and it works as expected.

Let us know if you have any other questions/issues!

Thank you again for the feedback and the provided test stream.

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