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Viblast stopped playing streams


Viblast stopped playing all streams and spams console with "13" and dies on "unaught abort(13) as Error"

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Do you see the error with other browsers than Chrome, i.e. Firefox, Edge, Safari?

Do you have any third party chrome extensions installed ?

We don't have any 3rd party plugins... but it solved itself by upgrading videojs to newer version...


Its nice to hear the issue is solved.

Could you share details about the initial setup and changes?

It might be valuable information for the other members.

There was a problem with CDN version of viblast, after I stopped loading viblast from CDN and started using local copy.... it worked

There is some strange behavior when using the CDN version of viblast with the latest dev version of Google Chrome - Version 69.0.3472.3 (Official Build) dev (64-bit).

When switching to stable version of Google Chrome, the bug disappears. Also it disappears when I switch to local copy of viblast.

This simple HTML page generates a lot of errors in Google Chrome 69:



<script src="//"></script>



<audio id="MediaPlayer" width="300" height="32" controls></audio>


viblast("#MediaPlayer").stop(); // ensure that Viblast Player is stopped


    stream: '',

    autoplay: true





Also it fails with the same errors on the demo page

if I enter the stream URL

If I replace the link to viblast,js with our local stored version, it works in Google Chrome:

<script src=""></script>


We just released Viblast Player version 6.55 which simplifies the way of remuxer initialization. The HLS TS remuxer works in separate web worker which was loading in iframe/due to some CORS issues with IE11 on Win7/ prior the last release. As of 6.55 this is fixed and iframe is not using anymore. We guess this two pass loading caused the issue with latest dev unstable versions of Chrome.

Any feedback is highly appreciated.

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