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This audio stream doesn't play.

I am playing HLS prerolls (static playlists) in my radio player, and I've come across a few that will not play, for reasons I cannot say. They do not play in your stream test player either. They work in the Chrome "Native HLS playback" extension, and some other player apps. Console messages say Discontinuity and Sampling rate is zero.

This very similar preroll plays fine.

The audio segments seem to be encoded the same way.

Any help?


Your playlist does not contain  information about the codecs used and the stream is not a TS. It is a raw audio aac stream. Viblast player tries to  determine the codecs by sniffing the packets which is not a robust way and there is no 100% guarantee it will succeed. Both test streams are HE-AAC encoded. The first stream : is not handled properly by the player and it tries to play it as MP3 and that the reason to fail. The second stream is handled properly and it plays well.

If you can not modify the playlist and provide the codecs information with it, you can force the player to use HE-AAC by passing an extra argument to it:


With this parameter, Viblast Player will be instructed to play the stream as HE-AAC and will not try to determine it.

Let us know if you have any other questions.

Correction: I read that #EXT-X-STREAM-INF requires the next URI to be a playlist. I adjusted, and now the stream plays. Thank you!

For others, this is what the working playlist looks like now. Bandwidth is required, and has to be correct or slightly over. "mp4a.40.5" means HE-AAC. "mp4a.40.2" would be AAC-LC:


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