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Is it possible to make Viblast player work in IE11?


Fully updated Windows 7 contains Internet Explorer 11 (IE11). Currently it has version 11.0.9600.18697.

If I try to play a stream with Viblast from IE11, it fails with the message "No compatible source was found for this video".

You can see this by visiting the page

and trying to play a default stream, or entering the URL such as

At the same time, it is apparently possible to play HLS streams (without flash) in IE11 (and even in IE10), because it works from this page:

I wonder if it is possible to improve Viblast to extend its browser coverage to include IE11?

Best wishes,


Hello Vladimir,

Viblast Player supports HLS streams via flash fallback if the browser is too old and is not HTML5/MSE compatible.

If you have  flash installed you should see a smooth playback.

We tested the given stream with our demo-user-stream page and it works as expected on IE11/Win7 with flash.

You can read more about this here.

For IE10 - we decided to drop its support a couple of months ago as Microsoft did.

All the best,

Thanks for your reply. Probably playing will work if flash is installed in IE11, I'll test it.

But I wanted to emphasize that playing works on the theoplayer demo page on IE11 even if flash is not installed.

So technically it is possible to play HLS streams in IE11 without flash, and I wanted to suggest to add such support to the Viblast player.

Yes, I've tested that playing works transparently in IE11 with Viblast if flash is installed.

So the priority of this feature request is not high, but if you'll find time to make it work without flash, it would be great! (As noted above, it is possible, as can be seen on the theoplayer demo page).

Thank you for the feedback.

At the moment we can not implement IE11 support without flash and have not plans to do this. The theoplayer's approach is different and not reliable, i.e. it doesn't work well in most of the scenarios.

Just try to play the default stream from the demo page with IE11 for more than one minute and you will see the results.

I've made more testing, and it seems that seeking doesn't work if the flash fallback is used. Please let me know if you need a test page which demonstrates this.

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