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Viblast.js and WebRTC

As soon as viblast.js is imported it is blowing up our webrtc implementation since viblast is using webrtc behind the scenes ( Is there a way we can use webrtc and stream video?


It is supposed to use webrtc and to stream video with Viblast Player.

Could you share more details for the issue? What the errors are? 

Maybe the best is to share a test page.

We are using webrtc to screenshare. We also need viblast.js to play a video on the same page. When viblast is imported it seems to be causing a conflict with webrtc.


Somehow we have to reproduce the issue in order to see what happens.

From the given explanation this is not clear enough what is going on.

Can you share a simple test page with steps to reproduce?

It is not possible to give you a test page. I have included the log from the client page console below that shows the errors:


viblast.js:1018 Invalid asm.js: Invalid member of stdlib

viblast.js:71 URL.createObjectURL(stream) is deprecated! Use elem.srcObject = stream instead!

polyblob:1 Failed to load resource: net::ERR_UNKNOWN_URL_SCHEME

viblast.js:19 Uncaught TypeError: is not a function

    at RTCPeerConnection.Lf.RTCPeerConnection.addStream (viblast.js:19)

    at handleCreateOffer (vw_webrtc_peer_mgr.js:412)

    at onJoinWebinar (vw_webrtc_peer_mgr.js:312)

    at WebSocket.webSockMsgDispatcher (vw_webrtc_peer_mgr.js:190)

Lf.RTCPeerConnection.addStream @ viblast.js:19

handleCreateOffer @ vw_webrtc_peer_mgr.js:412


The above does not help a lot. In the next days we will try to reproduce the issue.

Can you join a webex so you can see what is happening?

Sure we can, but it will not help a lot. During the session we can confirm the issue which we do believe exists.

In order to solve the issue we need to have reproducible  environment and that is the reason why we asked for a test page.

OK a message from our developers:

They have modified the browsers implementation of the RtcPeerConnection object so when you call the addStream method to attach the screen video, it goes into their code and blows up. You don’t need a test page from us for that.

Thanks, we will take a look!

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Any update on this?

Any update on this?


Unfortunately, we do not have updates! 

We plan to test and work on your case next week!

Can you please confirm you are going to be working on this problem this week? Our developer team cannot continue without this issue being addressed. 


We will see what we can do. The reported issue is in our week plan with normal priority.

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