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Cannot playback DASH stream

Hi, I'm testing a DASH content using the latest Viblast player. (6.45)

The content has no issue to play on other DASH players but only Viblast player cannot play it. Console log shows that the player fails to get segment files(m4s).

Here's the DASH content's URL:

And here's my test player page for the content:

Please check the content and help me find the solution.

Hi, I tested the latest v6.45.4 and the issue is now solved. Thank you so much for your support!

Hello Daniel,

Thank you for the feedback. It seems like the provided DASH manifest is number based template and the attribute startNumber is not set. 

Viblast Player has a small bug and defaults to 0, instead to 1 as per the standard. We plan to fix the issue with our next release. Meanwhile, if you can modify your manifest and set explicitly the attribute startNumber to 1, the stream should be playable. 

Thank you for your swift response. I'll try modifying the manifest.

Hello Daniel,

With the latest Viblast Player - 6.45.4, the issue should be solved.

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