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surround sound API


from the doc:


Multi-audio support: through Viblast Player one can offer different audio channels from which the viewer can select, be it 5+1 audio or a dubbing in a different language;

I can't find any info in the API on how to set up surround sound.

Is more info available ?

I found that this player relies on viblast for 5.1 He-AAC:

So I understand that at least 5.1 HE-AAC is supported.


You can not control the audio hardware output via Viblast API as this is related to the native OS sound drivers support.

By multi-audio support we mean multi audio streams, i.e. if your stream has multiple audio stream tracks, you can choose between them. This is not related to the output audio channels - stereo/mono/surround, etc...

Hope the above answers to your question.

ok thank you.

The doc should be corrected then by removing the reference to 5.1 surround which is confusing.

I forked an open source live streaming encoder to support surround sound. 

This can be used as ingest for FB live 360 ambisonics of order 1 (or more). Wowza and nginx accept rtmp and mpeg-ts with multichannel audio; wowza can push multichannel audio HLS or dash.

At the moment, AFAIK the only player with live surround capability is that of FB live 360 and the StreamS one, which relies on Viblast.

It would be interesting to elevate that surround capability to Viblast.


- live streaming of music in 5.1 , 7.1 

- live streaming of gaming in surround sound

- multiple languages (by adding some panning options; this is redundant with current multiple audio rendition capabilities but is simpler at the encoder level; no need to sync several encoders for the different languages)

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