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How to set audio/videoCapabilities in 6.40 version?

Hi, I downloaded Viblast player 6.40 version and one of the updated features is as below.

  • Add audio/videoCapabilities to DRM initialization

Chrome browser (v57) is still warning for the 'missing' configuration about audio/videoCapabilities even though I applied the 6.4 version.

I guess there must be additional player API for that, but I can't find any guide for the configuration in online document.

Please let me know how to set the configuration so that I can support upcoming Chrome 58 version.


audioCapabilities and videoCapabilities should be set automatically. 

Do you have a test page in order to verify what could be the issue?


We found what causes the issue and deployed a fix with the next 6.41 version of the player. It is publicly available, so you can test with it.

I tested 6.41 version and found that the issue is now fixed.

Thank you so much for your support.

BR, Daniel

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