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2 minute delay

Hey all, was wondering if i were to request an offline player, would that help with delay?

Here is what my stream looks like :

Thanks :)


The reason for the delay is in your stream. You have to check and tune your encoding settings, because 10 seconds of video is about 2.8MB which is a lot. For the given resolution 10 seconds should be about 1.2-1.5MB. Also, you can try to make your segments shorter -  3-5 seconds is good enough and should reduce the delay, too.

Dear  support!  I have  almost  same  question

Does VOD buffer size ("lowBufferLevel": 1) affects live  streams  also?

We  have  recommended  6s  chunks, latency optimised  app in  wowza,  and  still  have  about 25s delay  from  transcoder to  enduser.


What is the duration of the live playlist? I.e. how many segments by 6 seconds are in the playlist?

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the number of chunks included in a livestream playlist is 3(default)

So  that is  why  why  receive (3x6=18) 20s  average  latency

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