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Realtime access to MPD-file internal xml data

In  order  to  get  sync in ny  aplication i  need to access 

<UTCTiming>  or publishTime="" data  of  current  displayed  frame or mpd  chunk.

is  there a  way  to do that?

file example



At the moment Viblast Player does not have API for this functionality. 

In case there is a demand for it from multiple customers we can add the implementation into our pipeline.

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Thanx for  reply!

There  will  be  demand on metadata processing Ads  inserting  in  DASH,  for  sure..

Yes, for sure,

BTW, we have similar functionality for HLS playlists with tag EXT-X-PROGRAM-DATE-TIME.

Is it similar to what you are looking for?

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Dear  support! Seems  that  Wowza do  not  use  that  parametr  correctly,  the time  is always 1970  year.
So  We  use your ID3 tag functionality. 

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