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Playback stops at 8 seconds on one of DASH-CENC contents


My customer(BigFlix in India) is integrating Viblast player and our multi-DRM service.

They reported playback issue on one of their test content.

The playback stops after several seconds from start. Seeking to later position also doesn’t work.

However the same content plays well on other DASH players.

Would you please check the below test page and help me find the fix? 

Thank you.


Hello Daniel,

We tested with the given test page and realized the Viblast Player works as expected. 

Could you confirm the issue with the DRM still persists?

During the tests we saw another issue - sometimes your server does not return a proper response and the browser skips it. The error message is: ERR_CONTENT_LENGTH_MISMATCH.

Best regards,


Thanks for your reply but I accidentally changed the test content after I posted this topic.

That is why you couldn't see the issue on the page.

I am sorry but please check the below new URL which still has the playback issue.

Best Regards,



We found an issue with the single audio/video file representations and the ABR. The issue is not related to the DRM itself, but to the aggressively bandwidth switching, which sometimes makes troubles with the DRM content.

Could you keep the test stream available for the next couple of days in order to verify the fix?

Best regards,

Sure. I'll keep the test stream available.

Thank you and Regards,


Thank you, Daniel!

We fixed the issue. The fix will be available with the next release.

Good to hear that the issue is fixed.

Would you let me know estimated schedule of the next release?

Thanks for your support.


The new version - 6.40 is out and it includes the fix for your stream.

I downloaded 6.40 version and checked the issue is fixed.

Thank you so much.

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