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ABR with wowza smil doesn't seem to show up?

Hey Guys,
Im sure it's just something I'm missing here, but I can't get my wowza stream to show me the list of qualities to change on the player (based on the the viblast portal).

I know I got the smil file working ok because with clappr player the multiple qualities show up. 

But I can't see more than just the default with viblast.

This is the URL format I'm putting into vib: http://xx.xx.xx.xx:1935/live/smil:myStream.smil/manifest.m3u8?DVR

Am I entering this incorrectly?

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Viblast Player does not extend the native video tag UI, but it provides an API to access the available bitrates for ABR streams.

You can find more information here: We host some useful examples at where you can test the API.

We also provide a full integration with the video.js framework if you prefer to have an extended UI. For video.js we developed a quality switch plugin which can be found here.

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