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will Viblast Player support metadata from this HLS audio stream

Will Viblast Player support the display of song metadata from ID3 tags on this HLS audio stream - ID3 tags are embedded in every 6th chunk. We embed TIT2, WOAF, and TENC tags. Sometimes they are found in the first 256 bytes, sometimes in the last 128 bytes. We want to be sure it will work before we trying installing the player.

Hi Dick,

Viblast Player supports ID3 tags. We verified the provided test stream and it worked as expected.

More information about the ID3 tags support you can find here.

Thank you. As I understand what you are saying, the Viblast Player will play our streamed audio and display its metadata. On a Joomla site which we use, where are the files in the download typically installed?


Viblast Player can play your streams and provides a way (API) to access the embedded ID3 metadata. It does not display the data, as this is part of the UI and web/app design.

You can host the player library as a resource and load it from your infrastructure or to use our cloud hosting services without the need to manage it by yourself.


I am struggling to understand how this would work for us. I THINK you are saying the Viblast Player would have to integrated with a player such as JW Player to get the ID3 data to display. Correct me if I am wrong. If Viblast Player and JW Player would be integrated, which one would do the work of parsing the embedded metadata – Viblast or JW Player? I ask because we have been unsuccessful in getting JW Player to parse our ID3 tags. This is why I am looking into Viblast as an alternative.


Viblast Player is an HTML5 Video Player HLS/DASH engine. It powers the native HTML5 video/audio tag with HLS/DASH support. It doesn't provide additional UI on top of the the HTML elements. In case it is needed, Viblast Player can be integrated with other video frameworks like video.js, which provide UI templates and customizations. As the ID3 metadata can be visualized in different ways the player provides API to access these data and it is up to the designer/developer to display the data when and where it is necessary. A demo of these functionalities you can find here:


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