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Logo still displaying

Yesterday I have downloaded and tested the Viblast player and got it working successfully with my HLS live stream. Very nice how easy it was to get started. 

Good job!

I am using the html5 video tag and I have added the domain in my account. Yet I am still seeing the Viblast logo in the player.

Hi Pierre,

You have to set your key to be your "company key" instead of using the example key from the documentation. 

In your test page you are using "N8FjNTQ3NDdhZqZhNGI5NWU5ZTI=".

The company key, can be found under the Licensing section of the Viblast portal.

Best regards,


That is it, thank you for your reply!

All the best


I have

And watermark is there, when I load in IE there is no watermark ??

I have a free account and use multiple streams and multiple websites, is that the problem.

Hello Emiel,

The given test page works as expected and the logo does not appear as the license key is valid for the domain used.

Can you confirm if you still have issues with this page? 

If yes, check your browser third party extensions which might modify the http requests.

Dear, Thanks I have found the issue. I registered the domain without the www and the the license will not work. Adding the domain with www will now work. Also using the ip adress in the player will not read the license. So all fixed now.


Thank you for the update!

Just to note - you do not have to register sub domain, like "www",  if you have the primary domain already registered. 

Sub domains are considered as part of the primary one and you do not need to register them.

Hii sir, I have registered my website domain ( as well as the amazon s3 bucket domain ( also from where I'm getting the video source url. if i get source url from amazon s3 bucket the logo is displaying. how to resolve this?



There is no need to enter the domain of the streaming server. 

Do you define a valid Viblast Key in your page? 

Would be helpful if you  share your test page.

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