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drawImage on canvas in safari 10

Hi, viblast team.

In our project we use canvas context functions to draw images from video element(drawImage).

In Chrome, Firefox it works fine. From safari 10 it stops work. Maybe it connect with shadow dom appeared in latest safari. 

You can reproduce that:

1. go to

2. Click play on hls demo video.

3. Execute this code

dash = document.getElementById('dash')

canvas = document.createElement('canvas')

document.body.insertBefore(canvas, dash)

canvas.width = 1000

canvas.height = 500

contex = canvas.getContext('2d')

image = $('.vjs-tech')[0]

contex.drawImage(image, 100, 100)

in Chrome and Firefox you can see a frame drawed from video. In safari nothing.

Maybe you know this issue and know some workaround.

Best regards, Roman.

Hi Roman,

We do not use the canvas technique for the video playback. We are experimenting with it, but do not have official support and documentation on how to use with the Viblast Player.

Best regards,


Can you share a test page?

How do you use the player?

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