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viblast Windows Phone 8.1 not working?


I'm using viblast with videojs. I created a HLS stream, and it works with viblast on desktops and ios devices.

However, It doesn't seem to work with the built-in browser of Windows Phone 8.1.

Is this expected behaviour (eg: unsupported platform), or does this mean I'm doing something wrong?

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Hi Jeroen,

There are Wondows 8.1 devices where Viblast Player can not work properly with some streams. Most of the limitations are related to the device memory and the CPU.

Did you try to play your streams with the native HLS support?

If you use video.js framework, you can force the native playback by manually configure the video.js techs in this way:

data-setup='{"techOrder": ["html5", "viblast"]}'

Best regards,

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