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Does viblast player support Redundant Streams?

 I am using Viblast player with videojs.

Seems like the plugin doesn't support Redundant Streams / Fail over streams as defined in Apple's site:

Redundant Streams

If your playlist contains alternate streams, they can not only operate as bandwidth or device alternates, but as failure fallbacks. Starting with iOS 3.1, if the client is unable to reload the index file for a stream (due to a 404 error, for example), the client attempts to switch to an alternate stream.


Note that the backup streams are intermixed with the primary streams in the playlist, with the backup at each bandwidth listed after the primary for that bandwidth

You are not limited to a single backup stream set. In the example above, ALPHA and BETA could be followed by GAMMA, for instance. Similarly, you need not provide a complete parallel set of streams. You could provide a single low-bandwidth stream on a backup server, for example.

I am testing this by making one playlist to send 404 header error.

But the plugin constantly try to fetch the  failing segment in a endless loop.

Thanks for a great plugin again.


Hi Erfan,

Thank you for the feedback. You are right - Viblast Player does not support this part of the spec.

This is in the pipeline, but with very low priority as you are the first one asked for it.

Once we start the implementation we will let you know.

Best regards,


We have the exact same request as Erfan, support for redundant streams within Viblast player. All our event centers create parallel streams via two encoders for redundancy (Alpha and Beta); failover intelligence at the player level is the most optimized solution. We will greatly appreciated if the priority for redundant streams is escalated.



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