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Video doesn't play when m3u8 comes with 304 header

I did a quick video demonstration:

The problem is that the video delays 15 seconds before it plays. I can't solve this.

Network Output:


viblast.js:4 This appears to be Chrome
viblast.js:90 XHR finished loading: GET "http://localhost:8080/test-video/index.m3u8".
viblast.js:90 XHR failed loading: GET "http://localhost:8080/test-video/index.m3u8".
viblast.js:48 [15:01:21] [vb] Error( Cannot get playlist. Response code = -524
viblast.js:48 [15:01:21] [vb] Error( Getting the playlist will be retried in 2 s.


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