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HLS protected with FairPlay DRM


I am trying to stream an HLS protected with FairPlay DRM. However, I don't know how I should configure the player in order to set the license url and certificate. 

Right now I'm doing:


          "key": 'QuEAis5rud',

          "enablePdn": true,

          "clearkey": {},

          "stream": "",

          "autoplay": true


And the html is like:

<video id="my-video-tag" controls width="640"</video>

What do I have to do in order to get it working?

Thanks in advance

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Hello Alfonso,

Viblast Player supports Widevine and Playready DRM . Both are supporting via the HTML5/EME. FairPlay is not supported at the moment because it is designed to be handled natively by the Apple devices. When you try to play such streams with Safari, you need to provide custom JS logic for accessing the keys.

I'll suggest to ask Apple for more documentation and information.

Best regards,

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