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HLS video with dynamic content

Ok got it. We’ll check and try to fix it. Meantime, can you advice why this does not play on iPhone/iPad?


Viblast API is not available on browsers which do not support HTML5/MSE. Instead of using viblast->setup (not available in iOS), you have to manually add/create the video object with the preferred source.

I did not get you. Please explain more. I wonder how your website is playing this stream alright: alright

Where as our underlying URL the page does not play.

Please advice how to setup things properly to make this work. 

iOS devices do not currently support the MSE toolset required for Viblast player to function.

Because this toolset isn't supported, iOS devices cannot properly recognize any Viblast specific javascript or function calls, meaning that viblast.setup({options}); is not recognized as the Viblast library does not actually properly initialize and declare its functions for your use.

In order to allow native html5 playback of the HLS source, as iOS does in fact support at this time, you have to define the HLS source in a source tag of the video element being added to the page's markup.


<video data-viblast-key="myKey">

     <source src="yourPlaylist.m3u8" type="application/x-mpegURL">


Jasdeep Singh:

Merging our question with your forum is fine but do you have an answer to our query?? We need to know ASAP if there's a way to add call to action to your player on pause and at the end of video.

If you use HTML5 integration:

on pause:

on end:

If you use video.js framework integration:

I hope the above answers your questions.


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