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Screen freezes/invalid timestamps/

Hi there 
We got some problems when trying to put the media source on streaming server.
here is the link

But Viblast player doesn't work very well when use this 
source, the screen will freeze or delay sometimes( from 00:06 ~ 00:10 )

We had use ffmpeg -i to test the ts files and we got "Invalid timestamps"
message; does it make viblast player fail ? 

Although we love web player without flash fallback
(Yeah big thanks to Viblast team)
, the same source can be played by other flash base player.

Could you help us to solve the problem? thanks a lot  : ) 
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Hi Richard,

Could you test with the latest Viblast Player release? 

We did some improvements with special handles for "broken" a/v streams.

We tested your stream and it seems to work well on Firefox, Chrome and Safari.

Best regards,


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