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Viblast JWPlayer integration with Safari

I'm using Viblast Player with JW Player according to this document. Video (m3u8) stops when I change video play time moving a seek bar on player. After waiting some seconds, video start again. Are there any bugs of your JS library especially on Safari? It works on Chrome and Fire Fox(> 42).

Hi Yohei,

Yes, unfortunately this is a known issue - seeking under Safari is not stable. The only workaround is to disable Viblast Player under Safari and use the built-in support for HLS. You can do that by not including the viblast.js resource. It may also be necessary to change the type property to "application/x-mpegURL".

We are working on fixing this problem but I cannot give you an ETA.


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Hi Svetlin,

Great! Thanks for your reply. The problem was solved.

When I need to play videos on HTML5 video tag, I use just JWPlayer on Safari and use JWPlayer with Viblast Player integration on other browsers like Chrome and FireFox. 


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