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Better advertise MSE support

It took us a long time evaluating players on the market to see what they supported so that we could try and figure out how we needed to encode our videos.

Eventually we realised we needed a video player that was built on top of MSE. A video player written in this way would allow a browser that did not natively support a protocol like HLS to play HLS content using Javascript alone.

Once we had found this out, Viblast was still not easy to find (we found it via: Can you change your marketing pages to make this much more obvious. The platforms section of is atrocious as it does not include Viblast in the table (instead it is above). Also information on how you only need HLS streams and building these would be invaluable. We've found that the Apple mediastreamvalidator is invaluable, but there is simply no mention of this on your site.

Viblast is a great player that works really well. Please improve your site to make this fact more obvious!

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Dear Theo,

Thank you so much for your constructive criticism and feedback. Sometimes we get so lost in our own website and content that we can no longer look at some sections with a critical eye. The platform support table is a great example. We'll work on making it better.

Could you give me a little more details about some of your proposals so I'm sure to understand them:

1. You said you were specifically looking for a player built on MSE. How did you go about looking for such a solution? What brought you to the Stack Overflow discussion?

2. You mention that "information on how you only need HLS streams and building these would be invaluable" - do you mean that we should highlight much more that all Viblast Player needs is one HLS / DASH stream  to reach all browsers? And for the second part - you'd like to see information on how to build an HLS stream on our websire, is this correct?

Thank you once again!

Looking forward to your response,


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