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WSS inside MPEG2TS (white screen signaling)


Currently we have a HLS stream, that has 720x576 resolution, and an aspect ratio of 16:9 via it's WSS (White screen signaling, inside the MPEG2TS) flag.

The problem is that the player is not taking in consideration the wss flag, thus rendering the video in 4:3 aspect instead of 16:9 (the 16:9 should be handled by the wss).

Please note that we are using viblast player on mobile platforms only, this problem is seen on Android 32bit, chrome 46 for example, with no flash support (samsung S3).

You can see live what I'm reporting (from a mobile platform) on:

You can see live exactly the same stream ( from a desktop platform ) on:

Thank you.


Hi Andrei,

Thank you for reporting this to us and especially for providing us with sample video files. This helps so much.

The current version of Viblast doesn't support WSS. I am looking at this at the moment and hopefully will have a solution in the coming days.

Hi Andrei,

I am happy to announce that we fixed this issue in our latest release v6.07.

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Thanks a log guys, you rock

I confirm implementation, 

I did all the tests now everything is working very good. 

Thank you.

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